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Very Iconic

an icon journal

8/27/06 04:25 pm - upup_away - 03

More icons, darlings.
No teasers since there are only 11

[x]Snakes on a Plane, the movie 1
[x]Breakfast at Tiffany's 2-5
[x]Snakes on a Plane, the music video (Cobra Starship) 6-11

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-don't hotlink


7/28/06 03:27 pm - upup_away - 02

so I realized that a few of the icons I made last time were over 40 KB so I fixed that
just save and upload and you should be fine.

(if photobucket wasn't a bitch)


anyway, so I went on an icon making spree, we have 26 new icons.


11 25 4

♥Aerosmith 1
♥Alexis Bledel 2-3
♥Lindsay Lohan 4-5
♥Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen 6-10
♥Paris Hilton 11-17
♥Zoolander 18-26

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Don't steal
Don't hotlink


7/26/06 08:04 pm - upup_away - 01

Hello all,
posting some icons
most are recent.
If you want to use them
1) read the rules
2) comment :D

no teasers today because there aren't enough icons to make it worth it

+Zoolander [2]
+SpongeBob SquarePants Movie [2]
+Emperors New Groove [2]
+Anchorman [4]
+Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest [4]
+Gwen Stefani (from 'Hollerback Girl' video) [1]
+School of Rock [1]

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